What is a PWA?

PWA refers to a Progressive Web App but may also be referred to as a Progressive Mobile App or simply a Web App. It’s an app that runs inside of the web browser but behaves like a mobile app. PWAs are implemented through newer web technologies. Service Worker and Manifest components provide the app user experience on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer browser. Most modern browsers now support PWAs.

PWAs are able to provide most app functionality without requiring the app to be published on the app stores and allow a single app to support all platforms without maintaining a separate code base for each. One of the best things about PWAs is that they are always up to date so you never have to worry about having the latest version. PWAs take up less space on mobile devices and install more quickly too. Simply click a link and the app loads in the browser, provides the option to add to home screen and it’s installed. Next time you want to use it, launch from the icon just like any other mobile app. This makes them easy to share, easy to use, and less friction to get someone to install since they take very little storage space compared to other apps installed from the app stores.

Another benefit is that since they don’t require app store approval, a PWA can’t be deplatformed and they can’t be rejected. This is a huge benefit for businesses today with so many apps now being censored, blocked, or deplatformed because someone complains or doesn’t like your products, message, business, or maybe just doesn’t like you personally. PWAs prevent those with malicious intent from harming your business by disabling your app. They also provide a platform for apps that would otherwise be rejected or canceled for violating the app store’s ever changing terms of use.

PWAs provide a way to build any type of app, with any type of content, without fear of wading through the complex approval process, only to be rejected because your content isn’t approved by the app store. Big Tech Censorship can not prevent your app from being published or distributed. Many US businesses, groups, and organizations that support free speech and free market capitalism are taking the PWA route to get their products and message out to their customers and supporters.

With all of the benefits of mobile technology and none of the friction, a PWA has become one of the most popular technologies for rolling out an effective mobile strategy for many businesses and organizations that would otherwise risk being deplatfomed and silenced.

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